Augmented Reality Can Effect Communication Strategy

Augmented reality technology is just not set to change the way you shop, it can even affect your communication strategy! It is, in fact, a new tool for companies to engage not only with the customers but also with their employees as well as with the general public

According to Oliver Diaz, the CEO and founder of the Houston-based company FuelFX that used AR technology for turning a flat sheet of paper into a complex, layered 3-D image, augmented reality “melds the physical and digital world together.”

With the help of a viewfinder, most commonly a camera, of a smartphone or tablet AR technology allows users to see an expanded 3-D image of a virtual or real object with the help of a special app. These days, developers are creating augmented reality apps that allow the users to click on particular parts of the object in order to see a movie-like clip or to know more about the product or item.

The company has even posted a video on its website showing more examples of implementation of augmented reality on daily life. The technology has already been used in various industries including gaming, entertainment, retail and marketing. And FuelFX is looking forward to use their augmented reality app for the energy industry as well as the corporate world.

Augmented reality will help to create a world where users will have the power to walk up to a foreign object and get desired information about the same using their smartphone, tablet or augmented eye-wear like Google Glass. In fact, a number of retailers, especially the supermarket and grocery chains are offering augmented reality instruction manual to help buyers gather more information about the products of their choice.

Experiments with augmented reality will hardly stop here. Some of the companies are planning to add augmented reality games for employees to a better engagement with their surroundings. Many believe corporate gamification will become the new augmented reality trend followed by a number of companies. Several insiders are actually waiting for its launch in the marketplace. Now it is to see who jumps on to this augmented reality trend before it hits the mainstream to see the major profits.

Diaz also said that the company is trying to incorporate real-time information to their AR technology. If this realizes, users can use the augmented reality app of FuelFX to check their fuel tank through their AR viewfinder to get information about when they need to fill it again.


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